What’s coming up

Greetings CLF Family! 

We want to thank you for your patience during this challenging season. It has not been easy, but we know God is at work in us and we will be stronger for it. 

Due to uncertain circumstances we face at this time we as Pastors and leadership team, we have decided to cancel in person gathering this Sunday and will focus our efforts to the online gathering, creating the best possible experience we can give you.

 We want to honor the orders of the government and will be encouraging face masks when we return in person, as your safety is our upmost importance! We know we have mixed views in our community towards masks and know gathering in person at this time would not create a fruitful experience.

We are the church and as we have said all along God is teaching us, we our carriers of His presence wherever we go!

 This is an amazing opportunity also for us to focus on our value “outward focus”. We don’t just experience God in our 4 walls and would challenge you how can I invite friends to the online experience or create space to serve and love your neighbor.

Carey Nieuwhof – “Our goal is not to keep a door open but our goal should be to reach people.” We want to impact people. Maybe we have put too much weight of that upon the Sunday morning experience? We don’t want to go back to normal Sunday church. The mission of reaching people is eternal but methods change.

 I am so thankful and proud of how you the church family have engaged with the online gatherings. The sharing of content and engagement in the comments has been amazing and it really helps us reach more people when you do this!  So we would encourage you to continue engage and share!

 We will keep you updated each week as to when we would return to in person gatherings. We will return and we do believe in the in person gathering!

 We so appreciate your understanding this and do pray for us as we lead during this difficult time!  As always if you have any questions or problems with the decisions made please, message or call us! We would love to chat and create space of understanding.

 We love you and hope you have an amazing weekend together celebrating the 4th of July!  Remember we have the greatest freedom of Salvation and the gift of Holy Spirit. Which means we are truly free, free to experience Him wherever we are! You are the church!

 So we will see you Sunday 10:30am on FACEBOOK LIVE!

 Grace and Peace to you!